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After graduating in Music from Bath University in the UK, I packed up my clarinet, and spent the next 7 years playing music at street festivals and other events around the world. This extensive travel experience gave me an education not only in the rich diversity of people on the planet, but also in the striking similarities that characterise humans and their behaviour.

I settled in Australia in 2000, marking the beginning of a very colourful career: as a fire dancer, stilt walker, cabaret performer, children’s entertainer and professional musician. You will still find me moonlighting as an entertainer with Kush Cabaret.

I first discovered NVC in 2010 and it changed my life!: Concepts and beliefs that I already knew in my heart to be true, were now laid out for me in the one, easy to follow communication model. Paradoxically, learning to not know the answers, and cultivate openness and curiosity instead, has become my new practice and spiritual aim.  

NVC has given me the tools to show up in ways that better align with my integrity; address and heal childhood trauma; overcome addictions; recover quickly from shame, grievances, or altercations; deepen connection with those I love; and develop tolerance, kindness and compassion for those I find harder to love.

I have been lucky enough to study with, and work alongside, some esteemed NVC trainers in Australia, and Internationally. Most mentionable is my mentor, colleague and dear friend Shari Elle , who continues to inspire and support me with her invaluable insights, peer guidance and generosity of spirit.

Sharing the gifts of a compassionate consciousness with others, is my Ikigai. I’m proud to have achieved international certification with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and am humbled to be in the company of such reputable peace warriors. I currently live in Narara on the Central Coast of Australia, with my teenage daughter, who lights up my life and helps keep my practice real.

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