Confessions of an NVC trainer

Dear Peace lovers,

I have a confession to make:

🤫 Sometimes I wish that other people could learn to speak NVC ( What's NVC?) so I didn't have to work so hard! 

... I get frustrated at hearing people talk in the disconnecting language of judgement and blame...and wish that everyone could make it easy for me to hear expressing their precious human needs in the first place!


... I grow weary of expecting myself to express without judgment and blame!... I want other people to learn how to give me empathy...even if and especially when I’m being less than perfect in my own communication!

The value in naming and airing this honestly with myself is that if it's not in my awareness then one of two things is likely to happen:

1. I fall into resentment by judging others as ‘wrong’ and demand that they somehow be responsible for my feelings.

2. I attack myself for being judgemental and create a shaming story which gets in the way of empathic connection.

If Instead, I remind myself to acknowledge my feelings, and  connect to my precious needs (In this case for ease and harmony)...then inevitably I find more spaciousness and capacity to take responsibility for my experience and make life more wonderful!

If this sort of self empowerment, peace and presence sounds good then consider taking a 2 day foundations training to see how NVC might support you ...

Whatever your challenge,

I'd love to hear from you!

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