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"Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

Alexandra Norman

I am a certified trainer with The Centre for Nonviolent Communication and have a decade of experience and expertise in the field.

I teach simple, yet highly effective, communication techniques to help people respond to life, instead of reacting
to it.

I am passionate about sharing the gifts of a compassionate consciousness with others, and love working with those ready to take a leap in their interpersonal and personal development.

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Mind the Gap delivers NVC through a deep understanding of the material, engaging workshops, and insightful and compassionate coaching. Ms Norman is adept at opening up and holding a space for people to learn NVC techniques, clarify their feelings & needs, and express themselves authentically.

I would not hesitate to recommend these workshops and coaching services.

I set out to learn NVC because I wanted to develop and hone my communication skills. Surprisingly, I got so much more!  I have been touched by invaluable wisdom and a depth of understanding and insight that is not only enlightening, but also healing.

Alexandra has been my caring and compassionate guide on a journey of growth and transformation. I can highly recommend and vouch for the expertise available at Mind The Gap

I first came across NVC while on a personal quest to find a better way to connect with the people I love, and the people I work with. I am learning so much more than that from working with Mind the Gap! : About myself, about the language we use ; and about what it really means to have empathy for others.

Alexandra shares, lives and breathes this work and is also lots of fun! I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in personal development or NVC.

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My regular coaching sessions were a breath of fresh air amidst a year of personal chaos. Alexandra has an ability to take concepts which may be confusing or complex and make them more accessible. The skills I’ve learnt and the self awareness I’ve gained are priceless.

Coming out the other side of a very growth-full year,  I’m now excited and inspired to apply all I learnt with Mind the Gap, into my relationships & professional work.

The availability of an ‘Other’ to attune with us as infants, impacts how we respond to trauma. Alexandra Norman offers a path back to the self , via her ability to attune with an ‘Other ’.

Her coaching sessions brim with wisdom, compassion, warmth, and humour.  

With Alexandra’s support I have transformed relationships with myself, my partner and my children; overcome significant health issues; and breathed new life into my career and hobbies.

I would highly recommend Mind The Gap for training and private coaching and feel incredibly blessed to have had this input in making my life more wonderful!

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I have spent years practicing yoga and meditation, but discovering NVC with Alexandra has provided the powerful next step for me to live the principles of Ahimsa ‘off the mat’.

I’ve not only learned invaluable communication tools, but also developed a deeper understanding of how to be in empathy with myself, and with others. This has strengthened my relationships and is particularly rewarding for my communication and efficacy in the workplace.

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I had always been afraid of what kind of father I would be. Discovering NVC has  provided me with a way of relating to my son with compassion rather than 'power over'. My coaching sessions with Alexandra have helped me live into my intentions and integrity in ways that  just reading books or  watching the videos could never do.

I have much gratitude for Alexandra and for how her guidance and empathy have given me confidence in my life and parenting.

A personal development coaching session featuring a trainer and a student sitting desk, talking intently

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A personal development coaching session featuring a trainer and a student sitting desk, talking intently
A personal development coaching session featuring a trainer and a student sitting desk, talking intently

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"Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there..."

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